The African Baobab Is the New Superfruit You Should Be Eating Right Now


You read it here first: The African baobab fruit is ready for superfood stardom. Studies suggest that it's brimming with fiber and antioxidants. (Alas, you can only get it in powdered form on U.S. soil.) Try just a little at first, says Health's contributing nutrition editor, Cynthia Sass, RD, to make sure it agrees with your system. Here's where to get it:

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Mammoth Bar ($35 for a 10-bar variety pack;

Go Paleo (and portable) with these snacks made of organic ingredients. They come in great flavors, like trail mix goji.

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Baobites ($12;

These chewy fruit snacks can be eaten plain, baked into muffins or sprinkled on oatmeal. Plus, 30 pieces have just 90 calories.

boabites.jpg boabites.jpg

OneBar ($22 for 12;

Tired of smushed bananas in your bag? A OneBar has a full serving of fruit and no added sugars. And it's a lot easier to take on the go.

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