Rebel Wilson Has a 'Babewatch' Moment As She Walks on the Beach in an Orange Swimsuit


Rebel Wilson is having a major Baywatch moment in her latest Instagram post—complete with a slow-motion walk on a sandy beach.

The 41-year-old Pitch Perfect actress shared the video Wednesday with her followers. The 23-second video was captioned simply with five orange heart emojis to match her orange zip-up swimsuit—but where Wilson was at a loss for words, her followers weighed in on the actress' post. "Babewatch," wrote fellow Australian actress Kate Jenkinson. Actress Rachel Griffiths also commented: "Smoken hot."

In addition to her swimsuit photo, Wilson also has a new exclusive interview with People in which she opened up about her self-imposed "year of health" in 2020. "Last year, I lost a lot of weight—close to 80 lbs.—and then I've maintained it for this year. [So] part of me was like, 'Well damn! If I could have done it before, should I have done it?' And I felt a bit sad at that point."

Wilson, who previously revealed that one of the driving forces behind her weight loss was her desire to become a mother, explained that a lack of faith in herself was at least partly responsible for why she didn't begin her journey to health sooner.

Rebel-Wilson-Orange-Swimsuit-GettyImages-1343972418 Rebel-Wilson-Orange-Swimsuit-GettyImages-1343972418

But last year, during the pandemic, she finally took those first steps to put her health first. "Even though that was my 40th year, I was just like, it's never too late to improve yourself or to improve your health," she said. "I shouldn't feel sad or beat up on myself because of that. I should just feel proud of myself for actually doing it."

Still, Wilson clarified in the interview that she's "always been a very confident person"—and that losing weight didn't suddenly transform her into a person who oozes self-confidence. "But you do feel better in yourself," she said.

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Wilson went on to recall the times in her career when she felt her clothing size led to her losing roles. "When I was bigger, like, when I first started my professional acting career, agents would look at me and just be like, 'No way,' because I was overweight," she said. But Wilson used that criticism to her advantage. "I was like, 'You know what? I'm gonna take something that you think is a disadvantage — I don't actually think it's a disadvantage — and I'm going to turn it into my success story,'" she said.

Ultimately, her motivation to lose weight was all about her health. "People are beautiful at any shape or size, and I genuinely believe that. I just got to a point where I knew deep inside that I was engaging in some activities that were unhealthy," she told People.

Wilson hopes that her journey will inspire others to become their own healthiest version. "Know that it is possible and that you can do small things just to make yourself healthier. It can be scary if you're not healthy. So just get out there, try your best, don't be harsh on yourself and try to be positive," she said. I've been so grateful to make these lasting changes. It just makes me feel overall better and I'm still the exact same person, just a healthier version."

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