Kristin Cavallari: 'I Wouldn't Be Happy Only Being a Stay-at-Home Mom'


Kristin Cavallari has come a long way since her days traipsing across our TV screens in the hugely popular reality series Laguna Beach and The Hills. (Come on, you know those shows were your guilty pleasures too.) Now, Cavallari is married with three kids, and heading an empire that includes a jewelry line, a shoe collection, a lifestyle app, and a new book, Balancing in Heels: My Journey to Health, Happiness, and Making It All Work ($25;

But the 29-year-old, who recently lost her brother, admits she wouldn’t be able to have it all without the help of her hubby, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. “We're a great team and he helps out a ton with the kids, and even makes dinner some nights,” she says. "Since having kids, I had to decide what my priorities were. My family comes first and I'm lucky because I can make my own hours, for the most part, with the shoes and jewelry.”

We recently caught up with Cavallari and chatted about fitness, food, and Justin Bieber.

Any advice for working moms who may be struggling to balance work, family, and time for themselves?

We shouldn't beat ourselves up. When I'm working, I feel like I'm missing out on family time, and when I'm with my kids all day, I sometimes feel like work suffers. But I know I wouldn't be happy only being a stay-at-home mom. I need creative outlets and something to call my own. So even though it's really hard at times, it ultimately makes me a better wife and mother because I'm a happier person. I think it's important to focus on the good it brings. Struggling to balance family and career only means we are lucky enough to have both.

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What role does fitness play in your life?

I would be a wreck without exercise. It's such a great release for me and helps me de-stress. I weight train and do DVDs at home a couple times a week. I like feeling strong and having some muscle, although I have to work hard to maintain it.

Is there a particular song that amps you up to hit the gym?

I'm obsessed with Justin Bieber's Sorry!

When your regular workouts turn into sometime-y workouts, what do you do to get back on track?

I wish I had a trick but I don't. I just have to force myself to get my butt to the gym. If I workout then everything else falls into place.

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Would you say then that you feel your best after a workout?

I always feel on top of the world after a good sweat session.

You have partnered with the Boys and Girls Club and Wonderful Halos to help promote healthy snacking among kids. Why did you join this cause?

I think it's important to teach kids at a young age how to make healthy choices so they have that foundation for the rest of their lives.

Speaking of healthy eats, your new book features some recipes. What are your favorites?

I typically don't eat cow's milk, but I love cheese and ice cream. There is a recipe for "cashew queso" which tastes exactly like real queso and two recipes for ice cream made from cashews. And you would never know that they don’t have dairy!

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You turned 29 at the beginning of the year. As you move through this last year of your 20s, are you doing any major reflecting?

Absolutely. I've been through some difficult times the past few months, so I'm looking forward and I've come to a place of gratitude. I'm so thankful for everything and everyone in my life, and I hope my 30s will be the best years yet.