Is It O.K. to Use Emojis in Your Work Emails?


Sure, you use emoji with friends, but would you dare slip a smiley into your next email to your boss or a client? It may seem like a faux pas, but in fact, “it’s a way to enhance the emotion behind just plain words,” explains Joan Kuhl, founder of Why Millennials Matter, a company that focuses on bridging the gaps between all ages in the workforce. But keep it professional (no middle fingers!), and let the other person initiate the emoji use.

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Here’s the right and wrong way to do it:

GOOD: “I can tell that you went above and beyond on this project. I really appreciate it.”
Why: The visual adds an extra level of recognition for a job well done.

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BAD: “Sorry I didn’t finish the report I promised you last night."
Why: You’re creating the impression that you don’t take your responsibilities seriously.