Paulina Porizkova, 56, Just Shared an 'Unretouched' Nude Photo From Her Recent Cover Shoot


Former supermodel Paulina Porizkova recently graced the cover of Los Angeles magazine completely nude—and now, she's sharing an "unretouched version" of that photo.

In a new Instagram post on Tuesday, Porizkova shared the original photo from her cover shoot—sans retouching or the large red sticker that read "In With the Olds!" Apparently, according to Porizkova, some people were upset with the published image. "For all of you who were unhappy about the retouching on my @lamag cover—and the rather large sticker—here is the unretouched version straight from the photographer [Jill Greenberg]," she wrote in the caption.

The photo, which shows a 56-year-old Porizkova naked, covered only with her long blonde-gray hair, also has some blurring around her nipple area. "(I had to blur the nipple—IG weird nipple fear)," she wrote.

Despite the lack of retouching, Porizkova got real about what all went into her photo shoot. "No, I don't walk [around] looking this fab on a normal day," she wrote. "This look took two hours of professional make up and hair. And body makeup. And excellent lighting by an talented photographer."

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Still, according to Porizkova, that extra help let her best self shine through: "The result is me looking my best—with no retouching and no filters and no anything else."

The unretouched photo isn't the only behind-the-scenes peek Porizkova shared of her nude LA magazine cover shoot. In a video posted to Instagram on Monday, she showed fans what happened during the shoot—which included some of her dance moves.

"Just put some Bee Gees on and I can't help dancing," she began the post, sharing that her photo shoot was "fun" and "relaxed"—something she credits to her female photographer. "It always helps to be photographed by a woman when you're at you most vulnerable—whether physically or emotionally naked."

Porizkova ended her post with her usual hashtags—"#betweenjloandbettywhite #sexyhasnoexpirationdate #lovetheageyourin #graypride"— along with another age-related nod to her dancing music: "Ironically, 'Staying Alive' is exactly what we're fortunate enough to do as we age. Carpe diem!"

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