Paulina Porizkova Shares Nude Photo in Response to Instagram Comment: 'I Pose for Myself'


Paulina Porizkova has been on a mission to prove that sexy has no age limit—and she just gave a very thoughtful response to a negative comment about all the bikini, lingerie, and naked photos she posts on Instagram.

It started yesterday, when the 56-year-old supermodel shared a screenshot of a comment in one of her posts that clearly didn't sit well with her. The comment read, "You focused way too much on yourself and your looks. At your age, you should be bathing in the love of your kids and your grandkids instead of traveling all over the world, parading around half naked and acting like a 16 year old. Move near your kids and grandkids, settle down, get a nice house, making it welcoming for your kids and grandkids and starting living a life for others."

"This. This comment is the reason why I do what I do," Porizkova wrote in the caption. "For all of you who follow me regularly, check in tomorrow to see my reply to this comment (and all those who agree with it). I'm gonna have some fun. #thoughtfullreadercomments #enoughisenough #justyouwait."

And she did just that. Porizkova shared an Instagram post of herself posing naked in thigh-high boots, covered by a censor bar (and a censor star). She accompanied the whole thing with a lengthy caption about why she did it.

"Yesterdays comment of one @jamesorvin is only important insofar as to highlight the still common belief THAT WOMEN ARE ESSENTIALLY CHATTEL. That once we have stopped breeding, we should be retired to provide nourishment for others," she wrote. "I'm 56, and living my best life. After a lifetime spent taking care of others, I finally get to do ME. Sure, I can also knit and bake and bask in the warm glow of my family on the rare occasion they need me, but I can also bask in the glow of a tropical sun, a lover's arms, and here the fabulous light of @luigiandIango."

Porizkova said she posts bikini and nude photos "because I finally feel good in my skin." She continued, "I don't do this for compliments or likes. (Although they are very nice indeed.) I'm doing it because you see thousands of images of younger women in the same situations. That's what you're used to seeing. No one tells them to put their clothes on. By what standard is it ok to ogle a nude teen, but not a mature woman?"

Porizkova pointed out that she's taken the same type of photos since she was 15. "Back then, I couldn't be proud of who I was because I didn't yet know who I was," she said. "I did what others asked of me. I posed for others."

Older women are "allowed wisdom, humor, patience—but not sensuality. Not sexiness," Porizkova said. "This is a major societal taboo which is precisely why I post what I post," she wrote. "I may be 56, but I'm as fully a woman as I was thirty years ago, in fact, I'd argue: more so. I'm finally fully inhabiting this body of mine, I fully appreciate it, and I am fully celebrating it."

"I may be posting for you. But I pose for myself," Porizkova wrote, before adding her usual hashtags "#sexyhasnoexpirationdate #betweenjloandbettywhite #womensupportingwomen #celebratingtheskinyourein."

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Other celebrities and fans flocked to Porizkova's defense—and sent her congratulations—in both posts. Actress Sophia Bush shared a lengthy comment in response to the initial comment that sparked Porizkova's nude post: "Heaven forbid a woman enjoy her life. Heaven forbid a woman enjoy traveling. Heaven forbid a woman feel good in her skin. Heaven forbid a woman, when she's young, be too sexy. And heaven forbid a woman, when she's "older," be too sexy. Heaven forbid her have any desire at all besides being a matriarch who serves and bends the needs of a patriarch first, children second, and herself last. Heaven forbid us women be anything at all I guess…"

To celebrate Porizkova, fellow supermodel Helena Christensen commented "And I love you," in response to her nude photo. Actress and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna also commented, "You. Go. Girl."

Porizkova ended her most recent post on an empowered note: "Those of you who have issues with nudity- there is a small button that reads 'unfollow.' And since I'm not an airport—there is no need to announce your departure."

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