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How to Make Rose Petal Ice Cubes Like Kim Kardashian

From her curve-hugging gowns to her platinum blonde tresses, Kim Kardashian is a major trendsetter. Recently she took her trendiness to the kitchen and tweeted a photo of the pink rose petal ice cubes that decorated the tables and drinks at her cherry blossom–themed baby shower for her third child.

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Naturally the internet went crazy; some even joked that the roses looked like mini vaginas. But Kim is onto something here. First, rose petals are edible, and water infused with them is safe to drink. Rose petals are low in calories and have some nutritional value, including vitamin C and reportedly antioxidants too, Vandana Sheth, RD, Los Angeles–based nutritionist and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, tells Health.

Considering the (okay, admittedly small) nutritional benefits as well as how pretty the rose petals look suspended in ice, it's an easy decorating hack for dressing up cocktail glasses at your next dinner party or get-together.

With the help of Stan V. Griep, master consulting rosarian at the Rocky Mountain District of the American Rose Society, we show you how to make them perfectly in three easy steps. First, you'll need water, ice cube trays, and pesticide-free rose petals (ask your florist where you can get them, suggests Griep).

Step 1: Fill the ice cube tray one-third of the way with water. Freeze solid.

Step 2: Place one rose petal or several small petals on top of each cube. Add a teaspoon of water over each petal or group of petals. Freeze solid again. Griep says that the roses may float up a bit, but this second freeze will anchor the petals to the cubes.

Step 3: Once that layer of water has frozen the rose petals to the ice cube, fill the tray completely with the last layer of water and freeze until solid.

Once they're completely frozen, your rose petal ice cubes are now ready to go in water glasses or your favorite holiday cocktails, like our ginger saketini. Just don't keep the cubes or any water from melted cubes around for longer than three to four days, advises Griep, in case of spoilage.

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