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How a Robotic Vacuum Sucked Up a Napping Woman's Hair

Here's more proof that housework is hazardous and best avoided: A South Korean woman was recently attacked by her robotic vacuum while she napped on the floor. CBS News reports that a women named Mrs. Ryu, 52, woke to the robo-vac sucking up her hair. She had to call in firefighters (can you imagine?) to free her from her overeager cleaning bot.

"I looked for the power switch, but the machine kept running," Ry told South Korean TV station MBC. "My head began to really hurt." In a fit of multitasking-gone-wrong, she had turned the machine on to tidy up while she slept.

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Four firefighters worked to separate the woman from her vacuum, helping her escape with all but 10 strands of hair intact. (Anyone who's tried to extricate their locks from a plain old round brush feels those firefighters' pain.)

No word on which brand of robotic vacuum the woman was using, but it was NOT a Roomba, People reports.

The robo vac market is having a moment with rising sales and predictions of future versions that will release mini bots to better reach the nooks and crevices.

And as YouTube addicts may already know, these cleaning machines make very interesting ride-on toys for family pets. Just keep your long-haired kitties away!

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