Maria Menounos On Her Mom's Best Cooking Advice: 'There Are No Mistakes'


The author and E! News host offers up her favorite in-a-pinch meals and the cooking mantra she learned from Mom, with whom she penned her latest book, The Every Girl’s Guide to Cooking ($22;

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On finding inspiration

“Cooking was such a big part of my life growing up. My grandfather was a chef in Greece, and my mom was a school cafeteria cook, so cooking is in my blood. Living with a type 1 diabetic father meant our meals were always healthy, because they had to be.”

On her mom’s best advice

“Not to be afraid. There are no mistakes. That’s why I wanted to write this book with her. The tips throughout the book encourage women to try to make the meals their own so they have control over their diet and realize cooking isn’t so scary.”

On healthy eating myths

“That healthy meals have to lack taste. I know vegetables can look boring, and they’re not our instinctive choice, but healthy foods can taste amazing, and you will feel better than if you ate a cheeseburger. Although, there’s a time and place for that, too!”

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On her go-to ingredients

“Crushed red pepper makes almost any dish delicious and flavorful. We use it a lot in our house. Olive oil is essential. You need it for everything. And beans—any kind of bean is generally pretty easy to make and a great source of protein.”

On her get-out-the-door snack

“Speedy egg salad—smash up a hard-boiled egg with some mustard and salt. Spread it on whole-grain or gluten-free toast, or scoop it with celery sticks. Or a caffeine smoothie for the girl who needs both and doesn’t want to juggle two drinks in the morning.”