Foodie Friday: Goji Gourmet Cookies


For the longest time, goji berries conjured up images of the hilarious Inappropriate Yoga Guy videos my boss used to watch. But after tasting Goji Gourmet's mini cookies, I'm seeing goji berries in a different, delicious light.

The product: Goji Gourmet cookies ($3.25 for a bag of 8 cookies; $5 for a bag of 16; available at

The taste factor: Sweet, but not too sweet.Goji berries taste like tangy raisins, and these cookies experiment with unique blends of tangy, sweet, tart, minty, and even spicy flavors to create a sweet and somewhat savory dessert. Flavors include Goji Almond Oat, Goji Cherry Cacao, Goji Ginger Walnut, and Goji Orange MintChip. Plus, the all-natural ingredients create a hearty texture that would be perfect for dipping in coffee or tea.

The health factor: For a dessert, these nibbles get top marks. Four cookies will cost you 100 calories and 4 grams of fat (2 saturated), and they have 2 grams of fiber. There's no preservatives or refined sugar added, and Goji berries are naturally rich in antioxidants.

Editors' pick: We're partial to the Goji Cherry Cacao. The dark chocolate and cherry/goji berry blend is both sweet and tart, yet still satisfying. But chocoholics beware—this dessert may not satisfy your need for rich chocolate. The Almond Oat and Ginger Walnut are both delectable, but the Orange MintChip left us with flavor overload.

Why we love it: Low-cal desserts always win big in our book, and four of these little cookies will edge off a sweet tooth better than any 100-calorie pack. Plus, the cookies keep a just-out-of-the-cookie-jar taste and a little dose of figure-friendly fiber in each bite.