5 Ways to Eat Hard-Boiled Eggs That Aren't Egg Salad


Hard-boiled eggs make a great snack, of course. But if you went a little crazy with the Easter egg dye, and now have a plethora of pastel-colored shells in your fridge, you may need some more creative ideas. Check out five healthy and delicious ways to enjoy all those eggs.

Pair them with veggies

It's no wonder hard-boiled eggs show up on Cobb, chef's, and Nicoise salads. Aside from being tasty, research shows that eating eggs with raw vegetables actually helps you absorb more nutrients. You don't even have to make a formal salad. Try a plate of cut-up vegetables with an egg or two any time of day.

Devil them

Maybe you grew up with your mom's deviled eggs, heavy on the mustard and mayo, sprinkled with paprika? Give those classic nibbles an update: Use a heart-healthy mayo made with avocado oil, such as Primal Kitchen's Paleo-Approved mayo ($18; amazon.com). You can also fold in some healthy spices, like curry and turmeric. And if you like diced pickle, add a brand that's fermented, so you get some probiotics. You can find fermented pickles in the refrigerated section of the supermarket. (Make sure the label says "fermented.") We like the garlic dill pickles from Oregon Brineworks ($10; amazon.com).

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Grate them

Use your Microplane and grate some eggs. Gently sprinkle the fluffy bits over pasta, cooked asparagus, or potato salad. It looks pretty and bumps up the satisfaction factor of the dish.

Pickle them

It sounds complicated and looks super fancy, but pickling hard-boiled eggs is simple to do, with a beautiful and tasty result. Check out this recipe, which combines the eggs with beets to turn them a gorgeous color and lend a savory flavor. Serve them for brunch or as an appetizer before a light spring dinner.

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Add them to your breakfast

If you usually fry or scramble in the morning, save a step and use hard-boiled eggs to streamline your routine. Slice one or two and enjoy on your whole-grain avocado toast. Make a savory oatmeal with water or broth, and top with hard-boiled egg, leftover vegetables from last night's dinner and a drizzle of olive oil. Or chop and fold into a whole-grain tortilla with refried black beans and salsa.