Work Out With Kristin


Tighten Up Those Triceps
This move targets triceps muscles as well as the rear deltoids (back of the shoulders), which helps with posture and allows you to contract the triceps even more when performing the extension part of the exercise.

kristin-mcgee-pilates kristin-mcgee-pilates
Score a slimmer, stronger middle with this tiny-waist routine that targets both the deepest front layer of muscle and the side muscles (obliques).

The Sexy Side Arm Push-Up
This move is super effective for toning the back of the arm and it also slims the sides and waist at the same time.

A Yoga Burpee That Builds Strength
This yoga burpee works the entire body and also gets the heart rate up. Even if you only do 10-12 reps of this one move, you will have worked your entire body.

Butt Blaster Exercise
Since our buttocks are our biggest posterior muscle group, toning them gives our metabolism a boost. The Butt Blaster is a great exercise to do anywhere, anytime—you don't even need a mat!

Tone Your Abs, Hips, and Waist
Do this move—one of Kristin's favorites!—to keep your midsection toned and feel sexy all year long.

Strengthen Your Thighs with Eagle Pose
The Eagle pose not only gives you svelte inner thighs, legs, and buttocks, it also releases tension in the upper back and shoulder region.

A Move to Lose the Love Handles
This Side Triangle move with weights packs a one two punch for keeping extra pounds at bay. It also strengthens our shoulder girdle, tones our arms, and gets our heart rate up.