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Test Your Balance With These 6 Moves From Ashley Borden

Want to crank up your workout? Check out the Waff Mini, a balance and stability training tool that aims to improve core strength and motor control. Here, Ashley Borden shows us how to do a series of moves using this challenging piece of fitness gear.

Staggered Squat

Stagger your left leg in front of your right as you balance on two Waff Minis, and lower into a deep squat.

Plank With Toe Taps

Get into a plank position with your hands on either side of the Waff Mini. Alternate moving your feet out and in, tapping your toes back and forth.

Hamstring Sit Backs

Kneel on the Waff Mini, and sit your hips and glutes back as you reach your arms forward.

Snow Angels

Lie on two Waff Minis, one under your stomach and another under your thighs. Keeping your toes on the ground, extend your arms in front of your head. Move your arms backward and forward like you’re making a snow angel.

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Teaser Holds

Sit your booty on the Waff Mini and keep your legs in a V-up position. Hold this difficult position as you work on your balance.


With your hands on one Waff Mini and your toes on another, take your time as you perform a series of push-ups.

If you’re looking to improve your balance and take your exercise routine to the next level, these Waff Mini moves will certainly do the trick.

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