Time to Boogie Quiz


From Health magazine
A wise woman (choreographer Martha Graham, actually) once said, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” How true. And how great that whats good for the soul is also great for your booty. Depending on your weight and how vigorously you shake, shake, shake, you can burn 300-plus calories per hour. Think you cant dance? Think again. This quiz—which staffer Ginny Temple created with Josie Gardiner, a certified trainer and former ballet dancer, and Joy Prouty, a dance and fitness instructor and ex-Rockette—will help you find your groove.

Your ideal dance flick is:
1. The Nutcracker
2. Dancing With the Stars
3. Chicago
4. Girls Just Want to Have Fun

A good dance class leaves you:
1. Glistening (you dont sweat)
2. Pleasantly exhilarated
3. On a post-cardio high
4. Sweaty—and proud of it

Your favorite outfit is:
1. Pink and feminine
2. Anything with heels
3. Formfitting with funky shoes
4. Sweats, preferably baggy

Youd love folks to drool over your:
1. Flat, strong abs
2. Pristine posture
3. Toned legs
4. Rapidly slimming figure

You describe yourself as:
1. Classic and disciplined
2. Elegant and easygoing
3. Lively and ambitious
4. Carefree and creative

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  • Total your choices to find the dance style perfect for you.
  • 5–8 points: Ballet
  • This style of dance is the ideal complement to your sophisticated, feminine self. Mastering ballets techniques does require some dedication (which you have in spades), but it is the foundation of all other dance styles.

9–12 points: Ballroom
Elegant and a little traditional, youre cut out for formal ballroom dancing. With styles like the waltz, tango, and rumba, youll never get bored. And if youre looking to get competitive, this is for you.

13–16 points: Jazz
Your warmth, enthusiasm, and desire to stand out in a crowd make you perfect for jazz dancing, with its big, exaggerated moves. Since its flapper-girl beginnings, jazz has evolved to also include elements of tap and Broadway styles—ideal for your inner showoff.

17–20 points: Hip-hop
You like to mix things up a bit and break away from the mainstream. And thats what makes hip-hop your dance. Its fast-paced music will let you express your creative self.