The 5 Top-Rated Waterproof iPhone Cases on Amazon


When you lead an active lifestyle, your iPhone will inevitably wind up in a precarious situation—caught in the rain during a bike ride, tossed in a snowbank on a rough ski run, floating in a river after a failed kayaking selfie. Protect your phone and the photos, music, and contacts within with one of these iPhone cases that rank high on Amazon.

JOTO Universal Waterproof Case for Apple iPhone 6S, 6, 6S Plus, 5S, 5 ($20;

If you’re hitting the beach, scoring one of these dry bags can keep your phone, credit cards, and money safe from water, sand, and crumbs.

jojo-iphone-case.jpg jojo-iphone-case.jpg )

This case won’t protect you from a full submerge, but it does guard against rain and splashes. It also features extreme shock protection, so if you tend to drop your phone a lot, then this might be the case for you.

smarspeed-iphone.jpg smarspeed-iphone.jpg )

Take your phone surfing and snorkeling (underwater pictures!) up to 6 feet below the surface with this case. When you first get the phone you’ll perform a waterproof test on a piece of paper so you’ll be sure to install it correctly on your phone.

easylife-iphone-case.jpg easylife-iphone-case.jpg )

Your phone can stay submerged for more than three hours in this case. It also takes crystal-clear photos.

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Sometimes when you put a big, bulky waterproof case on your phone, you lose a lot of its features, like the sound and camera. With this case, you’re still able to use your phone at its full potential while also keeping it protected from the elements.

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