Our Review of Reverse-Heel Shoes


You may have noticed those funky-looking shoes with heels that sit lower than the toes. But can they make good on their claims to improve your posture and tone your legs?

I tested several pairs: Spring Boost B-Fit, $99; MBT Women's M. Walk, $245; and Earth Energetic, $109. I felt like I was standing straighter and taller, and by the end of the day, my legs were fatigued from using different muscles. The MBT's heels were cushy and comfortable, but they made me feel unsteady. My favorite pair: The Spring Boost B-Fit, which comes with inserts of varying thickness so you can gradually get used to the incline.

Bottom Line: There's little scientific research about the shoes' benefits (and no evidence they'll burn more calories, as the Earth folks claim), but I'm a fan of the instant body awareness and better posture they create, as well as the lower-leg-muscle workout they provide. The unsteady MBT Women's M. Walk isn't worth the steep price, but I give the other two a thumbs-up.