Move of the Week: Attitude Leg Lifts


Sculpt your booty and improve your balance with these so-called attitude leg lifts. Here, Sarah Wingo from Pure Barre demonstrates the best way to do this classic ballet strengthening move.

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Here's how to do it: Place your right hand on the back of a chair that’s about hip height. Bring your left hand to your hip. Step your heels together with your toes apart. Extend your left leg behind you on a diagonal and turn it out. You knee is straight, toes pointed. With your supporting leg slightly bent, pulse your left leg toward the midline for 30 seconds. Then add a small lift (about an inch) to each pulse for another 30 seconds. (Imagine you are drawing a capital L in the air with your big toe.) Next extend your left arm in front of you, bring your left heel to your seat, flex your foot, and pulse your leg back in that position for 30 seconds more.

Trainer tip: Be sure to keep your abs engaged and hips tucked under.