Hannah Bronfman: "You have to Live Your Day-to-Day Life With Positivity"


The first word Hannah Bronfman—DJ and founder of HBFIT—ever spoke was "happy." So it makes sense that her life is all about positivity.

On how she keeps her energy up

"By getting lots of sleep. I need eight hours, for sure. But I was born with a lot of energy. That’s why I put it toward physical activity."

On her craziest workout

"Bouldering, which is basically rock climbing without ropes. It’s definitely a workout. It can be scary, but once you fall that first time, it’s not so scary anymore."

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On her life philosophy

"I believe in karma. Ultimately you have to live your day-to-day life with positivity. I always act in a way that I would want someone to act toward me. Everything happens for a reason, and even when something gets you down, something great is gonna come out of it."

On her new wellness website

"I'm always thirsty for purpose and knowledge. There’s so much literature out there in the wellness world. That’s why, through HBFIT, we talk about trends with a no-BS approach. We cut through all the chatter."

On what makes her nervous

"When I’m in front of a crowd. If I’m leading a dance class, I remind myself everyone feels uncomfortable. Ultimately we’re in it together, all here shaking our butts together. No one’s judging."

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On her favorite memory

"Getting engaged. It totally took me by surprise. We were on a sailboat on the Hudson, and my fiancé [DJ Brendan Fallis] proposed. Then we went back to dock, and our closest friends and family got on! It was a rolling surprise for everyone."