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5 Healthy Ways This Fitness Star Is Prepping for Her Wedding

Scroll through Hannah Bronfman’s Instagram feed and you’ll get a nice picture of what healthy living looks like: The 29-year-old DJ and fitness influencer regularly shares snapshots of her killer workouts and stellar skincare regimen with her 364,000 followers. (FYI: She’s obsessed with microcurrent facials.)

But these days, Bronfman’s current motivation to keep up her clean lifestyle is her wedding. She's tying the knot with fellow DJ and social media star Brendan Fallis this weekend in Morocco.

Bronfman's idea of wedding prep has nothing to do with detoxing, however. “There’s all this stupid pressure about losing weight for your wedding,” the HBFIT founder told The New York Times earlier this month. “I’m really not into it.”

The soon-to-be bride's goal is to feel her best on the big day. Here are five ways she has made wellness a top priority during her wedding week.

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Bronfman says she always tries to avoid dairy, but in the last few days, she's been following a macrobiotic diet while staying at the Sha Wellness Clinic in Spain. She wrote on Instagram that this new way of eating has made her "rethink her diet completely."

hannah-bronfman-wedding hannah-bronfman-wedding gear (Bronfman’s a global ambassador for the brand), she got her "om" on. Not a bad idea to get centered before the wedding craziness begins: "will try to channel the zen to calm my inner hype beast!!" she wrote.

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hannah-bronfman-masks hannah-bronfman-masks ) and KNC Beauty's All-Natural, Collagen-Infused lip mask ($25 for 5 masks;

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Does sipping bubbly in a bathrobe count as self-care? We vote yes.

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