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A 15-Minute HIIT Workout That Will Keep You Fit No Matter How Busy You Are

There’s a reason Chelsea Potter was named “Fittest Female Trainer.” Just look her up on Instagram and you’ll find her doing all types of impressive feats of strength (including some—like “wall ball back tuck”—you need to see to believe!). So when we got a chance to work out with Potter, we jumped.

In this video, she demos a fast and furious HIIT workout that tones the body from head to toe in just 15 minutes. (Turns out you can stay fit even if your schedule is insane.)

Never tried HIIT before? No worries. Potter, a trainer at New York City’s SOLACE CrossFit studio, starts off by demonstrating each of the three moves you’ll do during the heart-pumping routine.

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On the menu: deadlift high pulls and goblet squats that work the lower body and glutes; and mountain climbers that target the shoulders and core. The result is a total-body workout you can crush anywhere, any time.

Potter uses a 20-pound kettlebell to make some of the moves even more challenging. If you don’t have a kettlebell, you can use something else that’s a challenging weight for you. (A heavy book works fine!)

Ready to sweat? Hit play.

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