6 SI Swimsuit Models Share Their Tips for Never Skipping a Workout


It's easy to flip through the glossy pages of the most body-positive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue ever without pausing to consider all that these women actually do—day in and day out—to sculpt those stunning physiques. Many of the models told Health that they work out most days of the week, which can be a real logistical challenge with their hectic work and travel schedules. While the rest of us may not be jetting around the world for photo shoots (sigh), we can certainly relate to the struggle of finding time to exercise. So we asked six of the women for their best tips on sneaking fitness into even the craziest days.

Seize every opportunity to work your body

“I’m in the airport a lot, so I’ll always take the stairs instead of the elevator. Even if that means I have to carry my suitcase! There’s always a way to work out.”
—Hailey Clauson

Turn your home (or hotel room) into a gym

"I’ve got these props that you put under your furniture to move it, and I use them to do sliding ab workouts at my house. I also have a booty band I travel with which has two Velcro bands that go around your ankles. All you have to do is get on all fours and push you leg up and out, and it makes your booty big and round."
Ashley Graham

“When I travel, I’m lucky to get to the gym. So I bring sliding disks with me. You just stick them in your suitcase, then you can do arm workouts and ab workouts with them.”
—Hannah Davis

“I have one of those exercise bands that go around your feet. You can use it to do side steps and monster steps. You can do that anywhere, and it doesn’t weigh anything to travel with. You can just do 20 minutes of those steps a day and your butt will firm right up!”
—Kate Bock

"I do a lot of abs: simple crunches and planks are the best way to get your six-pack! I also do a bunch of jumping jacks with a band around my ankles for extra resistance.”
—Nina Agdal

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Maximize the time you do have

“Most of the time, after a long day of work, I don’t want to go to the gym for an hour. But you can always do something. Just go for 5, 10, or 15 minutes of a hard workout. Let that be enough. Whether it’s doing abs or squats, there are plenty of great workouts you can do anywhere.”
—Ebonee Davis

“Find the time of day when you’re the most energetic. Some people tell me I need to work out in the morning to get it over with. But if I work out at 6 am, I’ll be exhausted, I won’t be happy, and I won’t put in 100% effort. So if you’re more of a night person, work out at night!”
—Nina Agdal

Combine fitness with socializing

“You can also work out with a friend! Emily Didonato, who’s also in the issue, is one of my best friends and we always go for workout and coffee. It’s a good hang, but we also did a workout together. So suggest to a friend: ‘Let’s do yoga and then lunch!’”
—Kate Bock

Plan your workouts on the go

“I’ll look on Instagram and find a good video that shows 3 exercises I can do in 10 minutes in the morning. Then it’s something I haven’t done before, it’s mixing it up, and I’m distracted because I’m looking at a video.”
—Hannah Davis

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Remember working out can give you more energy

“I find when you’re jet-lagged or tired, sometimes you don’t want to work out. But once you’re doing it, you feel way better. sometimes you even get energized. You’re never going to regret [working out].”
—Kate Bock

But allow yourself some rest days

“You definitely need to listen to your body. If you’re run down and you go to the gym, you’re just wasting your time in there, because you won’t get a great workout.”
—Hannah Davis