5 Old Navy Workout Leggings We're Loving Right Now


Good performance leggings need to be a lot of things. They need to be breathable, wicking, comfortable, compressive, and stylish so you can get through your workout feeling strong and confident. The problem is that some brands might have you spending triple digits on a single pair. But if you're looking for leggings that won't drain your bank account but still perform, Old Navy has made some super cute, high quality, and affordable activewear with their line. Here's what we're loving this season:

Go-Dry Shade Compression Mesh Trim Crops, $33

Mesh panels are all the rage right now—and the mesh trim on these crops is both functional and fun. That, in combination with the sweat-wicking fabric, will keep you cool and dry as you're heating up.

High-Rise Patterned Compression Leggings, $35

These tight-fitting high-rise pants will ensure that you're held in, and they fit like a second skin so you can go about your workout confident that they will stay in place.

old-navy-11.jpg old-navy-11.jpg , $30

Worried about your sun exposure when you're at the track or on the trails? With these crops, you won't have to—they are made with UPF 40, giving you some built-in sun protection (and peace of mind) while you're outside.

old-navy-4.jpg old-navy-4.jpg , $30

These eye-catching crops have flatlock seams to help prevent chafing, allowing you to stay comfortable throughout your workout.

old-navy-2.jpg old-navy-2.jpg , $27

If you're looking for a more relaxed pant, this straight-leg pair is the perfect compromise between flared yoga pants and waist-to-ankle tight leggings.

old-navy-5.jpg old-navy-5.jpg Photo: Old Navy