This University Is Requiring Freshmen To Wear Fitbits


A small Oklahoma college has come up with a unique strategy to fight the notorious Freshman 15. Oral Roberts University (ORU) in Tulsa is requiring its first-year students to wear Fitbits.

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The new policy, which went into effect last fall, isn’t a drastic change for the ORU student body (which includes about 3,400 undergrad and graduate students). Physical fitness has always been a big part of campus life at the school. In fact, students have been required to keep a written log of their aerobic activity as part of ORU's fitness curriculum ever since the Christian university was founded in 1965.

But now ORU is kicking things up a notch, by expecting freshmen to log 10,000 daily steps on their Fitbits, reports NBC News. And yes, their steps will count toward their grades. Data from the trackers will automatically be collected by the school, which prides itself on its holistic philosophy.

“ORU offers one of the most unique educational approaches in the world by focusing on the Whole Person–mind, body and spirit,” said President William M. Wilson in a statement.

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The freshmen, however, are responsible for purchasing their own trackers. (Fitbits start at $60.) The school has reported that the on-campus bookstore has already sold more than 550 of the gadgets.