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7 Men Tell Us What They Know About Ob-Gyns, Pap Smears, and the G-Spot

Ask a dude to talk about vaginas in front of a camera and things are bound to get weird, right? Here at Health, we’ve been doing just that for a video series where we quiz real men about topics like menopause, birth control, and—you guessed it—vaginas. Curious how much they actually know about vaginal health? Watch the video above to see how they fared when we tested their lady parts knowledge.

First things first, we had to find out whether our guy panel could unpack the meaning of ‘ob-gyn.’ While the ‘ob’ portion threw some of them for a loop, they knew ‘gyn’ had to be short for gynecologist. Guesses for what ‘ob’ refers to were…creative. “Other body?” guessed one participant. “Obsterician?” guessed another. So close, but still no.

For the record, ob-gyn is short for obstetrician gynecologist. An obstetrician is a doctor who specializes in pregnancy, labor, and delivery, while a gynecologist focuses on the entire female reproductive system, plus breast health.

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Question #2 asked which exam is commonly used to screen women for cervical cancer. “Honestly I didn’t even hear about women getting their prostate checked,” replied one of the men featured in the video. Hm, not what we asked. Luckily his peers answered correctly with ‘pap smear.’

We saved the best for last by ending with the all-important question: What is the G-spot and where is it located? The guys knew the G-spot was different from the clitoris, that it was highly sensitive, and that it’s located on the inner front of the vaginal wall, a few inches inside of he body. A+, boys.

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