'iCarly' Actress Jaidyn Triplett Reveals the Mantra She Uses to Steady Her Emotions


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Jaidyn Triplett might be young—the iCarly actress will turn 11 this November—but she's wise beyond her years. That's evident in her mantra, the saying that she repeats to herself when she needs a boost. "My mantra is 'You are enough,' because I feel like there are a lot of people who try to get in your head and bring you down," Triplett tells Health.

It's a mantra that's especially important for kids, she believes, given all the concerns these days about young people and mental health. "I feel like emotions are much stronger for children, so mental health is a big importance in this world," Triplett says.

My-Mantra-Jaidyn-Triplett-Courtesy-@bookjaidyn My-Mantra-Jaidyn-Triplett-Courtesy-@bookjaidyn

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Triplett tells herself that she's "enough" when she needs a reminder that her worth isn't dictated by her performances. "Acting can be hard sometimes; you feel like you have to be the best of the best of the best," she explains. "My mom would always tell me, she would be like, 'You are enough. If you do your best then you walk out of that audition room and you say, 'I am enough and I did my best. I tried my best.''"

The reminder that she is worthy no matter what reinforces her sense of self-love and helps her stop negative thoughts from taking over before an audition. "I shut all that down and tell myself, 'You are enough," she says. "'You are going to do your best.'"

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