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5 Subscription Boxes to Make That Time of the Month a Little Easier

When Aunt Flo comes to town, life can seem pretty bleak. That's why several companies have made it their mission to brighten your week of cramps and bad moods. How? By delivering care packages filled with essential products—tampons, pads, even chocolate—just in time for the start of your cycle. Not only do these subscription boxes make your period more pleasant (and save you a tampon-run to the drugstore), but they also promote a powerful message. “We aim to get people to realize it is okay to talk about menstruation—it’s natural and nothing to be ashamed of,” Karen Thomson, owner of The Period Store told Health in an email. “We need to learn more about how it impacts our bodies, our emotions, our health.”

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The PMS Package

Just in time for your period, The PMS Package claims to be “Comfort delivered to your door, right when you need it most!” They back up this statement by sending care packages that include anything from candy to your favorite movie. You can choose between three pre-set sizes: Mini ($12.99), Featured ($24.99), or Executive ($34.99). The contents of each package change on a monthly basis, so there’s always a pleasant surprise waiting at your doorstep.


HelloFlo’s care packages are designed to help women and girls manage transitional stages in their lives—whether it’s a first period, going to college, or having a baby. The site also features women's health news, personal essays, and tips about puberty, menopause, and everything in between. As far as packages go, they offer everything from a “Period Starter Kit” to a “New Mom Survival Kit”—all of which offer a combination of supplies, treats and practical advice. But if you just want to ease your period woes, they also have a “Signature Kit” that should do the trick. Prices range from $29.95 to $79.95.

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The Period Store

The Period Store's fully customizable packages allow you to stick with the traditional route with pads and tampons, go for eco-friendly products, or even choose less traditional sea-sponges, diva cups, or herbal-infused pads. The store also offers accessories like ice packs, jewelry, period panties, and essential oils. Each package includes a gourmet sweet, two tea bags, and a 5×7 piece of inspirational art. (All packages also come with two medicine packets, but check with your doctor before taking anything new.) Package options range from “Treats” ($15 for chocolate, art, meds, and tea) to “Heavy” ($30 for 3 products, chocolate, art, meds, and tea).

Bonjour Jolie

At Bonjour Jolie, packages are a bit more customizable. Every month, you’re allotted up to 25 items of your choosing—whether that be pads, tampons, liners, pampering items, specialty teas, artisan confections, feminine wipes, or Advil. Plus, each package includes a special gift. The company offers a one-time “First Period Box” as well, which includes a handpicked gift, artisan sweets, specialty teas, pampering spa items, pads and lines, plus a case to hold supplies. Beyond the first period, you have two simple subscription options: one box ($25.75/month) or monthly ($21.75/month).

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Le Parcel

Similar to Bonjour Jolie, Le Parcel allows you to hand-select up to 25 products that perfectly fit your needs. These can include tampons, pads, and/or panty liners. Plus, each parcel comes with a curated gift and premium chocolate treat (because we all know how essential chocolate is at this time of the month). Le Parcel tries to keep things simple with only one size and price option: $15/month plus shipping and handling.

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