Ohio Mom of 8 Dies From COVID After Being Rushed to the Hospital With Breathing Issues and Put on a Ventilator


An Ohio mom of eight, Amber Feltner, 37, has died of COVID-19 after being hospitalized with the virus. She passed away from the virus on September 21, her grieving family shared.

Amber's husband, Travis Feltner, posted on Facebook on September 13 that his wife was "taken by ambulance this morning with breathing issue and is on a ventilator now." He added, "Anything will help and keep her in your prayers."

Mom of 8 Dies of COVID , Family with six kids look at setting sun on a lake in Florida Mom of 8 Dies of COVID , Family with six kids look at setting sun on a lake in Florida to help with Amber's medical costs that's already raised $8,375. Travis shared heartbreaking updates about Amber's condition on the Facebook page.

Amber and Travis were high school sweethearts, according to a Facebook post from his cousin, Valerie Bridges Peace. Travis suffered a traumatic brain injury last year in a car accident, Peace noted. "His caregiver!!! His high school sweetheart! I ask you to lift this family up in prayer!" she wrote.

Travis spoke to WLWT5 and told the local news station that his wife was not vaccinated against COVID-19. Amber had a fear of vaccines after he had a bad reaction to a flu shot several years ago, Travis said.

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He is now planning to get the COVID vaccine and is urging other people to do the same. "I would never want anybody to go through what I'm going through. It's just a complete nightmare," he said. "I know Amber would want people to not fall in the footsteps of what happened to her."

Travis said that one of his children previously tested positive for COVID-19, but is doing well. He's not sure how Amber caught the virus. "It could have been one of the kids brought it home from school, could have picked it up from going to the grocery store," he said.

The couple's children range in age from 3 to 20, Travis said. "Amber would want me to be strong for the kids," he said. "It's just hard cause…they keep asking for mom."

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