5 Delicious Probiotic Treats (That Aren't Yogurt!)


You’ve heard time and again that “good” bacteria are important for aiding immune function and nutrient absorption and keeping your digestive system running smoothly. But if you’re feeling yogurt fatigue, look no further: Companies are disguising healthy bugs in all sorts of snacks and drinks. We’ve got a good gut feeling about these new buys.

Suja Pressed Probiotic Waters ($3 for a 14.5-oz. bottle; at Target stores)

At only 10 calories and 1 gram of sugar or less per bottle, they manage to pack a fruity sweetness without any freaky additives.

FlapJacked Mighty Muffins ($26 for a pack of 5; amazon.com)

The baking-mix company offers 12 flavors in its line of instant muffins, including peanut butter and maple pumpkin. Mighty, indeed—these snacks have probiotics plus 20 grams of protein, and they’re ready after about 35 seconds in the microwave. Just add water!

flap-jacked-mighty-muffins.jpg flap-jacked-mighty-muffins.jpg )

Power shakes are the latest thing on tap from the probiotic drink company. Each of them is loaded with 15 grams of plant-based protein and 40 billion probiotic cultures.

good-belly-protein-shakes.jpg good-belly-protein-shakes.jpg )

Get your a.m. energy (along with major digestive benefits) with a bottle of original or vanilla that will satisfy any coffee snob.

jus-by-julie-coffee.jpg jus-by-julie-coffee.jpg )

The brand’s new recipe features roasted California almonds, vegan probiotics, flaxseed, and a hint of coconut sugar.

naturally-more-peanut-butter.jpg naturally-more-peanut-butter.jpg Photo: amazon.com