Cassey Ho Opens Up About Her Past Eating Disorder: 'I Thought I Had to Be Super Skinny'


Social media sensation Cassey Ho is known for inspiring her millions of followers with her workout videos and body positivity. But the Blogilates founder has struggled to overcome her own insecurities, a painful process that she courageously shared at VidCon last week.

"I used to have an eating disorder and a body image disorder because I thought I had to be super skinny, and super toned, and all of that kind of stuff, and compared myself with other fitness people and Instagrammers," Ho said on a #GirlLove panel at the online video conference.

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Ho went on to say the body-shaming comments she got on social media didn't help, People reported. All that negativity and criticism turned into "a physical war" on her body, she said.

Earlier this year, the former Health cover star posted a video in which she opened up about a time in her life when she became obsessed with getting a six-pack and flat abs. "I was frightened of bananas, and I just didn't want to touch a grape because I thought it would make me fat," she said.

But after a year and a half, Ho fortunately realized she needed to make some changes. Today, she explained, exercise is no longer about weight loss. "It's about feeling good and that high I get after the workout that motivates me to be a better businesswoman, a better person, and better instructor, ever single day."

At VidCon, Ho left the crowd with a similarly empowering message, urging her fans to let go of the pressure to look perfect: "Your body is not what you're about. You're about what's inside your body, inside your brain, your heart, your character, your talent," she said. "Once you realize there's so much more than your abs and your booty, then you can really thrive in life. There is so much more to life than your body."