Coffee to Stop Alzheimer's, New Risk for Frequent Fliers, and a Pill for Hair Pulling

  • We would have written about this ourselves, but we skipped our morning cuppa joe and forgot. Now a new study supports what Starbucks fiends have been saying for years: Caffeine, and coffee in particular, can stave off memory loss and even Alzheimer's disease. Or can it? The experts at the Great Beyond blog sort out the real science behind the headlines. [Nature]
  • Diprivan is a drug used for surgeries and procedures such as colonoscopy—and, allegedly, off-label to treat Michael Jackson's sleep problems. Sanjay Gupta, MD, talks to docs who deal with this medication, and debates whether it should be a controlled substance. [CNN]
  • We may not have universal health care, but things could be much worse. The people at MedGadget called our attention today to a new blog that reminds us how lucky we are to live in a time of such medical advancement. At least we'll never have to face the tonsil guillotine of yesteryear. [Vital Signs]
  • Frequent fliers and road trippers take heed: The risk of dangerous blood clots is three times greater for people who are traveling than for those who are not cramped for many hours, says a new report. [USA Today]