Tom Brady Wants to Sell You a $200 Cookbook


Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s strict diet has become legendary, with most of us wondering how in the world anyone can stick with such dietary restrictions. Well, the football icon is ready to share his healthy living secrets…but they’ll come at a price. Brady’s upcoming cookbook can be yours to the tune of $200.

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Why the steep price tag when you can get a standard cookbook for well under 40 bucks? For starters the tome will feature a natural maple cover laster-etched with Brady’s TB12 logo, according to, plus off the ability to insert new recipes you find that perhaps fit with the quarterback’s food philosophies.

And if you’re worried that the cookbook will simply feature recipes for carrot sticks and sautéed kale, think again. Brady is including some of his favorite healthified (yes, I just made that word up) recipes including sweet potato gnocchi and carrot cake, which are two items I’d gladly welcome into my meal plan every single day.

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What you shouldn’t expect to find in the cookbook? Any of the ingredients Brady and Bundchen have sworn off, like coffee, caffeine, olive oil, dairy, fungus, white flour, white sugar, nightshade veggies, and MSG.

I have to admit, while it won’t be easy to part with 200 smackers for a cookbook, I’m incredibly curious to see what else it contains. Obviously I won’t expect it to turn me into an elite athlete or supermodel, but if it’s good enough for Tom and Gisele it’s definitely worth a try, don’t you think?

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