This Playlist from Health Cover Star Ashley Benson Will Make You Want to Work Out


In this month's issue of Health, Ashley Benson opens up about everything from her struggle with crippling anxiety to the insane pressure she feels to be thin in Hollywood. "I get told all the time to lose weight," says the size 2 Pretty Little Liars star. "It's just weird." As for her body-confidence strategy? She admits she's still working on it (like the rest of us), which is why we love Ashley. She's real, and not at all shy about the fact that she has to drag herself to the gym on occasion. "There are times I just want to do nothing," she says. "But then I don't feel good about myself."

For those days especially, a great playlist can make a world of difference. Here, a few of the tunes that help amp up her workouts.

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[spotify id="" width="510" height="590" /]