Artist Morgan Harper Nichols, 31, Shares the Mantra That's Helping Her Through the Pandemic


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Like many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic taught musician and designer Morgan Harper Nichols, 31, how to be adaptable, and her personal mantra came in especially handy during this time of adjustment. "My mantra is, 'You will bloom how you are meant to,'" Nichols tells Health.

She went on to explain how essential her mantra has been during the past two years. "This mantra has been so impactful and pivotal in my life, especially with all of the changes that have been happening," Nichols, who has 1.9 million followers on Instagram, says. "I remember at the very start of last year getting so excited about a lot of things I had planned, like many people, and it just all got cancelled."

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This led Nichols to rethink her plans, but it also taught her to appreciate the results of that adjustment, even if they weren't what she'd originally intended. "I had to completely learn how to modify and adjust so much of what I had planned, but what ended up literally blooming in my life—everything from the flowers on my patio to different projects that I got to work on—I'm so grateful for it," she says.

In retrospect, Nichols can see how those projects were taking shape even before she realized it. "I can see now in looking back that, all along, so many different things were blooming and coming together in the way they were meant to."

Nichols says her mantra is helpful outside the context of the global pandemic as well; it's a reminder not to get ahead of herself and to instead enjoy the moment. "I have to continually remind myself that everything in my life, everything that I'm doing, is going to come to life the way it was meant to and the timing that it was meant to," she says.

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