Hilaria Baldwin on Her Best Pregnancy Tip, Healthiest Habit, and More


It's impressive that Hilaria Baldwin, 32, can still find her zen: The yoga star has a stuffed schedule raising two little ones (a third is on the way!) with her husband, Alec Baldwin, writing her first book, and, of course, living the crazy-fit life.

On her best pregnancy fit tip

"Eat extra-healthy. I believe it's my responsibility to get all the good calories, the good fat, and the good nutrients becasue I'm growing a very important person inside of me."

On her healthiest habit

"Listening to my body. Sometimes, even if I want to go for my morning run, I'm really tired, and my body really needs to rest. Other times, I know if I peel my butt off the couch, I'm gonna feel better afterward."

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On husband Alec Baldwin

"My husband and I are yin and yang. I have a tendency to want to move around all day. When he says, 'Let's go to the opera,' or 'Let's go to the movies,' my heart sinks slightly, not because I don't love those things but because sitting for long periods of time is torure, torture, torture. But he's been a good influence on me learning to relax a little. He taught me to take a day off once in a while."

On her biggest role model

"Can I say my kids? They teach me patience, and they see the world in such a beautiful way. It's pure love."

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On what she would tell her younger self

"Enjoy. Don't worry so much. You get to a place where everything isn't so final. Every single time you get your heart broken or you don't get the job you want or you had a bad day, it's not the end of the world. You realize, OK, the sun really will come out tomorrow."

On what she’s wishing for

"I wish I could sleep more!"