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5 Times Daisy Ridley Made Us Feel Ready to Take On the World

The much-anticipated Star Wars: The Last Jedi is out this weekend, and we can't wait to see what's in store for star Daisy Ridley. Ridley, 25, made her big-screen debut as Rey in 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and we were immediately captivated by her badass spirit. No surprise, Ridley is a badass in real life too—as she reveals in her own words via these super empowering quotes.

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On taking charge of her health

Ridley has been vocal about her battle with endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome. In a post last year on Instagram, she said she'd gone through years of consultations and pain, and she encouraged people to advocate for themselves if they have symptoms that aren't being taken seriously by medical professionals.

"To any of you who are suffering with anything, go to a doctor, pay for a specialist; get your hormones tested, get allergy testing; keep on top of how your body is feeling and don't worry about sounding like a hypochondriac. From your head to the tips of your toes we only have one body, let us all make sure ours are working in tip top condition, and take help if it's needed."

On gender roles

Rey is a character defined by her strength and courage, not her gender, and Ridley has taken that to heart. She discussed how she's trying to do her character justice in a recent interview with Glamour.

"There's a problem, across the board, with how kids are subliminally taught to think about these things. I had a meeting with the marketing people at Disney, and they were like, 'So we're going to have this toy in the girls' aisle, this toy in the boys' aisle.' I was like, 'Why the f— is there a girls' aisle and a boys' aisle?'"

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On being in therapy

Dealing with stardom has been a challenge, Ridley told The Telegraph. To tackle all the emotions surrounding it in a healthy way, she went to therapy for six months after shooting The Last Jedi.

"I have always suffered with anxiety since I was a teenager, I should have done it way before, but I suddenly realized how good it is to talk about this stuff."

On not believing everything on social media

Last year, Ridley posted a selfie on Instagram with "I woke up like this #nofilter #nomakeup" written across her forehead. In the caption, she wrote, "3 of these statements aren't true," and took the opportunity to discuss the toll social media can take on users' self-esteem.

"Social media is great, but also a bit scary. [W]hat people post is the most filtered, most carefully chosen and cleverly edited moments of their lives. My skin isn't great so I don't post no make up selfies, much as I'd like to; I have a trainer urging me on in workouts and don't include all the times I say 'I can't do it' and I don't smile all the time but I like to share the pictures where I am."

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On her haters

Ridley was the target of online bullies on Instagram, especially after she posted about gun control following an event that honored the victims of the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. The shade was so bad, she eventually deleted her account. Even so, she told Glamour that she refuses to let haters get her down.

"People weren't nice about how I looked. And I was like, 'I'm out.' Simple as that. That is not what I signed up for. Everyone said, 'It's because she talked about gun safety,' but it wasn't. If I want to talk about gun safety, I will talk about gun safety. And I didn't sign up for people to go, 'You're amazing!' But I didn't sign up for them to say things like 'Your skin is s—,' either."

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