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Celeb Trainer Derek DeGrazio Shares His Best Holiday Fat-Blasters

It’s tempting to let your workout slide during the holidays—there is so much revelry to be had! Not a good idea, according to Derek DeGrazio, celeb trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp Miami Beach.

“Something is better than nothing,” says DeGrazio, who trains celebs like Adriana Lima, Nina Agdal, and Ellie Goulding when they’re in town. “We all have holiday parties to attend, but we also have 24 hours in a day.”

Below, his five can’t-miss moves for the holiday season. “Mix in a 10-minute run, walk, bike, hop, skip—anything that gets you moving and breaks a little sweat! If it’s cold and your driveway is covered in snow, put an extra layer on and grab a shovel.”

Now pass the peppermint bark.

Reverse Lunges with a Squat: “These will slim down and tone your butt and legs while burning extra calories. Because you’re stepping backwards with reverse lunges, your core engages more for stability, offering an extra abs workout without doing one sit-up. To look extra hot this holiday season, top off each leg lunge with a squat.”

Plank/Push: Planks and Push-Ups. “Two must-do exercises rolled into one. Planks tighten that belly, while the push-up tones up those arms. It’s my holiday gift to you: one exercise with twice the results.”

Hollow Rock: “Don’t be fooled—it’s not as easy as it looks! But it sure is worth the (good) pain. Rock your body all the way to that v-shaped back and torso. The more you rock, the better you look. The better you look, the better you feel. So rock on!”

Side Plank Reach: “A great twist on your traditional side plank. That small reach-through to the opposite hip packs a big punch to help get rid of your gut. Make sure to exhale when you reach through and suck that belly in to maximize the results.”

Leg Raises: “One of the first places we store fat is the lower belly. One of the last places it comes off is the lower belly. (Sorry—life is unfair sometimes!) Throw leg raises into your routine to help get rid of that pooch. And maybe skip the second piece of pie.”

This article originally appeared on PEOPLE Great Ideas.

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