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Brooke Shields on Aging in the Public Eye: "Since I've Turned 50, There's Been More Focus on My Body Than Ever"

On a fall afternoon, Brooke Shields pops out of a black SUV, kissing her younger daughter, Grier, goodbye. As Grier continues on to her after-school activity, Brooke—N.Y.C.-mom chic in a T-shirt, buttery leather jacket, jeans (Calvins, of course), and black flats—settles into the back table of a fairly empty West Village café.

"This is so bad, but I haven’t really eaten anything today. I’ve just been running around," she says, ordering a Cobb salad and an iced green tea. "I’m so tired lately, and I haven’t had any coffee. I stopped drinking it when I went to the Ranch in Malibu with a girlfriend, and just recently, I’m starting to want that jolt again." And really, who can’t relate to needing a little extra juice?

True, Brooke has been famous her entire life (she appeared in an Ivory soap ad when she was 11 months old). And she has a résumé that would eat up all the pages in this magazine—highlights include movies (The Blue Lagoon), TV (Suddenly Susan, Lipstick Jungle, and a recent recurring role on Law & Order: SVU), Broadway (Wonderful Town), and books (her postpartum depression memoir, Down Came the Rain, and her autobiography, There Was a Little Girl). But these days, she’s also just a busy working mom trying to juggle all the balls.

brooke-shields-december-robe brooke-shields-december-robe ? And now I can do it. Six months ago, I couldn’t. And I thought to myself, "I’m so strong. Why?" And [my trainer] said, "Everything’s not firing. You’ve really got to just ignite and wake up certain little muscles."

How do you stay focused on eating healthy?

We’ve been taught, "Deny yourself pleasure." But moderation is harder because it requires really committing to balance. I find that if I say, "I’m not gonna eat ice cream" or "I’m not gonna drink,” all I want to do is drink and eat ice cream. It’s some kind of psychological battle. When I tell my trainer I had a glass of wine, he’ll say, "Liquid bread!" And I’m like, "Ugh, but it was a nice one." It’s a matter of checks and balances. And I finally found out how to set myself up to succeed. But I still need to commit to it. And everything gets exponentially harder the older you are. Fifty is a terrifying number for some people.

Was it hard for you?

No, I ended up loving it. Because I don’t feel that age. Fifty sounds like it’s for older people. I’m stuck at like 38 or 42, max.

brooke-shields-december-tank-top brooke-shields-december-tank-top that my doctor gave me. I’ll use a bit of Renova at night for resurfacing. I use Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum ($80; or At times I need a chemical or two to make sure it really, really works. If it stings, I feel like it’s a good thing. Which is horrible, right? [Laughs]

Are you a resolution maker?

When I was younger I looked forward to making resolutions, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized I don’t want to make them, because it makes it such a one-off. I would pick something and I would sort of set myself up for failure. So instead of "I’m gonna lose five pounds" or "I’m gonna give up chocolate," I make this promise to keep upholding a certain quality of life throughout the year. I do like the idea of a fresh start, but it’s about trying to keep balance.

Eating- or drinking-wise, do you do anything different leading up to an event or a photo shoot?

I try to drink more water and not drink as much alcohol the night before. Notice how I said "as much?" I’m not stupid.

Styling by Stephanie Tricola for Honey Artists. Hairstyling by Tim Nolan for Serge Normant at John Frieda. Makeup by Sam Addington for Kramer + Kramer. Manicure by Liang using YSL Beauty for Honey Artists. Prop styling by CJ Dockery for Mary Howard Studio.

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