You're Gonna Want a Piece of Cinnamon Swirl… Hair, That Is


Hairstylist Ryan Pearl has discovered yet another way we can indulge in sweet treats without having to count calories. The man who delivered chocolate chip hair to us has now introduced cinnamon swirl, and it's so pretty.

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Pearl, who whips up these scrumptious color trends at Cutler Salon in New York City, used model Natalia Borges as his muse, freshening up her roots with a hue that blends in with her base color so that it will be smooth sailing as the shade grows out (music to our ears since we're not always on point with scheduling touch-up appointments). Next, he used both hair painting and foil techniques to create what he has coined "cinnamon swirl."

"Everyone's doing a lot of hair painting right now, but I like to do hair painting and put it into a foil," he told "That gives the hair some brighter pieces and more pop. It doesn't make everything look so blended, so it gives it a more dimensional look rather than a really blended look. That's what makes this look different."

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Borges, the recipient of the gorgeous color, is thrilled with the results judging by her Instagram post just after leaving the salon.

This technique really takes bronde to the next level, and we're totally on board.

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