Why This Beauty Vlogger Is Rubbing Socks on Her Face




There are a ton of ways to apply your foundation — fingers, brushes, airbrushes and now…. socks! Popsugar brought this crazy (genius?) tutorial to our attention and we cannot get over it.

Beauty vlogger Mayra Isabel shared this foundation hack that she created—using socks, from Walmart no less, to do her foundation. On the list of things we try to keep away from our faces, socks are pretty high up there, but you're going to want to reconsider after seeing the finished look.

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Mayra explains that you can't and really shouldn't just use any sock. According to her the toe and ankle are the most important parts of the apparatus, and need to be extremely soft and cushiony to work. Essentially you just flip the sock inside out and you're good to go. Mayra herself is surprised at how streak-less and even the finish is and she's right! Her finish foundation looks flawless. She also used her sock to do her concealer and contour. Maybe we've finally found a purpose for all of those miscellaneous solo socks we have lying around!

This article originally appeared on InStyle.com/MIMI.