There's Actually a 'Smart' Tampon In the Works


In a day and age where there’s a smart device for absolutely everything, we should have known this one was coming. Behold the ‘smart’ tampon – it will actually alert you when it’s getting too full and needs a change pronto.

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How the heck could this thing work? Let us explain: The string of the tampon is equipped with Bluetooth technology. The packaging apparently comes with a little button that you place somewhere on your being, then you download the corresponding app to your smartphone so that it can set the whole thing into action. When the tampon’s maximum capacity is being reached, the app will alert you to give it a change ASAP. It will also indicate how full it is. My guess is even Judy Jetson never imagined this kind of technology could actually become a thing.

The idea comes from startup My.Flow and right now they’re looking for funding.

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It sounds like this would be most beneficial to women who endure seriously heave periods and could be a miracle find for anyone who finds themselves in embarrassing leakage situations every months. We’re just curious as to how much a “smart” tampon could cost. Feminine products are already expensive in the sense that we need them, so hopefully My.Flow can figure out a way to keep their price point on par with other brands while delivering this service which many women need.

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