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This DIY Makeup Remover Is Perfect for Sensitive Skin

No matter how diligent you are about taking off your makeup before bed, you’re bound to come across some smudged mascara or leftover eye shadow the morning after a night out.

Even if you’re just cleaning up after getting home from work, successfully removing all your beauty products—from your primer base all the way up to your highlighter finish—can be a chore. To make matters worse, most makeup removers are full of ingredients we’ve never heard of.

Harsh makeup removers can be irritating to those with sensitive skin. They may leave your face dry, splotchy, or itchy. And since research has shown that the average woman uses 12 different products with 168 unique ingredients daily, you may not want a remover full of unnecessary additives. That’s why we set out to create a DIY makeup remover that’s made from super simple ingredients you’re probably familiar with (and might even have in your pantry!).

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In this video, we’re showing you how to make your own remover from everyday ingredients that actually soothe the skin as they work to gently strip away makeup.

To create the all-natural remover, we mixed olive oil, coconut oil, witch hazel, and vitamin E oil together in a bowl. When combined, the four simple ingredients take on a super smooth consistency that takes makeup off instantly—without leaving your skin feeling uncomfortable.

Watch the video above to see how easily you can whip up your own DIY makeup remover for sensitive skin, so you can say bye-bye to dryness and redness.

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