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How to Master a Polished Ponytail Like Khloé Kardashian

Celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Lopez, and Khloé Kardashian have been giving the classic look new heights by keeping it sleek and smooth with major volume.To pull off this anything-but-basic ponytail, try these tips from celebrity hairstylistcelebrity hairstylist Laura Polko, who has worked with Lindsey Vonn and Olivia Munn.

1. Create a grip

Apply a combo of spray gel and mousse to dry hair for texture and staying power, advises Polko. Mist spray gel onto roots and work it through your hair with your fingers, then squirt a dollop of mousse into hands, rub palms together, and rake through the same way.

2. Boost the volume

Brush hair over to one side of your head, then flip it and brush it over to the other side to add body. Next, grab your blow-dryer and blast hair (yes, dry hair) while finger-combing it back. Still a bit flat? Tease the hair on the crown of your head for extra oomph, then brush to smooth out any bumps.

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3. Hike it up

Using your hands, pull hair back into a high ponytail. When you see the top of the pony poking out above your head in the mirror, secure with an elastic. Polko recommends using two elastics to keep the style in place. To create the illusion of a longer ponytail, stack two ponytails by splitting hair evenly into a top and a bottom section, with the top pony up high and the lower one level with your ears (so the ends of the top pony cover the base of the bottom one).

3. Make waves

If your hair is straight, use a curling iron to add movement. Part hair into four sections within the ponytail and spray with hairspray, then wrap pieces around the barrel away from your face, leaving the ends out. Once hair has cooled, shake it out.

4. Wrap it up

Grab a small piece of hair (about a quarter inch) from the side of the pony, circle it around the hair tie to hide it, and slide in a bobby pin to secure.

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Get the look

T3 Whirl Convertible Styling Wand ($185; [tempo-ecommerce src=”″ title=”” context=”body”])

Add effortless waves to a ponytail in minutes with this tapered barrel.

t3-whirl-convertible-styling-wand t3-whirl-convertible-styling-wand )

This gives roots a wake-up call and also provides hold, so once your pony is in place, it will stay there.

aussie-spray-gel aussie-spray-gel )

Build volume without creating tangles with this cool tool. Lift hair at the crown and brush downward for extra lift.

wet-brush wet-brush Credit:

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