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I Already Loved This Serum Because It Healed My Acne Scars—and Now Proceeds Are Going to a Children's Charity

I’m not normally the girl who clicks "Add to Cart" on a whim. If I purchase a new skincare product, it’s usually after doing serious research on the ingredient list and whether the formula will work for my skin type. Trendy packaging may pique my interest, but it takes a lot more to get me to the point of purchase.

But one day, after watching a YouTube video in which the beauty guru's skin looked particularly flawless, I immediately went to to buy the products she swore by: Ole Henriksen Truth Serum ($48; and Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil ($45; Before I could give it a second thought, I'd entered in my credit card information and received a confirmation email.

Although I hadn't fully researched these products before ordering them, I did know one of their main ingredientsto be an anti-aging powerhouse: Vitamin C can help brighten dull skin, prevent signs of aging, and improve skin texture, according to dermatologists. And in addition to vitamin C, Truth Serum contains collagen to plump up fine lines, aloe to soothe, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate.

Once my Ole Henriksen duo arrived in the mail, I followed my regular cleansing routine with the silky Truth Serum, letting it fully absorb before applying the Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil.After using the two products, my skin immediately smelled citrus-y and felt super-smooth. And over the next few months, I noticed that my complexion looked brighter, was less dull, and appeared more even-textured. Even better, my severe acne scars had lightened dramatically.Before long, I was wearing less makeup—and I couldn't believe that after years of carefully researching products, it was an impulse buy that resulted in significantly healthier, more radiant skin.

olehenriksen-truth-serum olehenriksen-truth-serum

I’m happy to spread the word about how well these products worked for me, but especially so since learning that Ole Henriksen is giving back this holiday season (beyond gifting their customers great skin, of course).The brand recently announced that they're partnering with Starlight Children’s Foundation tocontribute to the organization's Starlight Brave Gowns Program, which provides pediatric units with high-quality, brightly-colored hospital gowns to keep their youngest patients comfortable.

From now through the holiday season, Ole Henriksen will donate 10% of proceeds from the special edition, luxury-sized Truth Serum (sold exclusively at Sephora) to the foundation. The larger size means more vitamin C-packed goodness for you, and the limited-edition packaging is adorned with sweet children’s artwork from Starlight, so you’ll be reminded of your donation each time you apply.

If there’s ever a time to add my go-to Truth Serum to your cart, it’s now. Getting a healthier complexion and supporting a great cause? Win-win.

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