TIkTok Users Swear By This Mascara Hack That Makes Green Eyes Pop


I'm never going to bleach two front strands of hair or cut DIY curtain bangs, as some TikTok users suggest, but there is a new TikTok trend I was actually excited (and willing to try): purple—or technically burgundy—mascara for green eyes.

The trend first popped up on user @gabrielletravaglia's page on October 23. "GREEN EYED PEOPLE," she wrote, "thanks to my big sister for showing me this."

In the video, she shows her favorite trick for making her eyes pop: L'Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara in deep burgundy ($7; walmart.com). "This mascara is the color burgundy, it's like a purple, dark-purple color," she says. "If you have green eyes, you need to stop what you're doing and start using this purple mascara."

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LOreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara LOreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara , $7; walmart.com

Once it's on, @gabrielletravaglia shows the camera what the mascara looks like. "You can't even tell that it's purple right off the bat, but people will tell you, 'Oh my god, your eyes look so green,' and it's literally because of the mascara," she says. "It just makes them pop so much."

Since she first shared her video, 138 other TikTokkers have used her sound to show off their experiences with the burgundy mascara (or other purple variations). "Run don't walk," wrote one user. Another suggested, "green-eyed babies please go buy this."

Of course, being a "green-eyed baby" myself (sorry, had to), I decided to give the burgundy mascara trend a try—and it didn't disappoint. TBH, I can't distinguish the color from my go-to black mascara when it's on my lashes, but my green eyes do seem to stand out a bit more than usual when I wear it. I've even gotten a few more compliments on my eyes than I typically do since I've started rocking it, and thats reason enough for me to reach for the burgundy-colored mascara whenever I leave the house now.

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Lest you weren't totally convinced by my recommendation, it turns out there's actually a legitimate reason behind why purple or burgundy shades can make green eyes stand out. According to the L'Oreal Paris website, green and burgundy are opposites, so a burgundy tone will compliment green eyes. "Since purple and green are also nearly opposite of one another on the color wheel, you can count violet mascara as another winning option for your lashes," the site reads.

But if you aren't blessed with green eyes (sorry, I'm biased), you don't have to miss out on the eye-popping fun. L'Oreal shares that every eye color has a complementary mascara shade: Blue eyes should opt for violet hues, brown eyes benefit most from blue mascara, and hazel eyes look amazing with green shades—and luckily, L'Oreal has all of those colors, as well.

Truthfully, if you want to play up your eyes a bit more on a zoom call (or accentuate them while wearing a mask), what do you have to lose?

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