Learn from These People Who Made Really Expensive Beauty Mistakes


On a recent Reddit thread posted in the makeupaddiction subreddit, user MerryKerry posed the question, "What was your most expensive makeup-related mistake?" As you'd expect, participants didn't hold back when it came to revealing their costly cosmetic mishaps. We're sharing five big beauty mistakes below, some of which you probably can relate to. Running lipstick through the wash = goodbye favorite white t-shirt.

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Leaving Foundation in a Hot Car

User MakeupFeb, who punctuated her reply with four teary emoticons (we feel you), wrote, "Bought my [holy grail] foundation during a Sephora sale. Got backups because they were on sale." Seems wise enough, right?

Her unfortunate move happened when she left said purchases in the car…in Phoenix…in the middle of the summer. "Car got so hot that the glue from the mirror in the compact remelted and dropped into the cream (now liquefied due to heat) foundation. Spillrage. Foundation, foundation everywhere. Probably half of the product leaked through the bag into my car seats."

Pointing at the Wrong Acne-Causing Culprit

"I spent probably $300 total over a year(ish) span on different foundations, convinced they were breaking me out and I just needed to find one that wouldn't," explains user maeEast. The real culprit? Her skin-care routine. She'd followed advice from elsewhere, only to realize that just because products work for other people, that doesn't mean they'll work for everyone.

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Leaving an Entire Makeup Collection On Vacation

Everyone needs a good vacation, and many would feel remiss if they didn't pack skin care and makeup products from their regular routine. You just have to make sure you don't leave said products behind if you decide to bring them, which is what happened to user MoonsOverMyDani. "Made a VERY last minute decision to attend a 3-day-long music festival. Packed my stuff in a hurry, and packed 90% of my makeup because I thought I might need it. This was in the Okanagan Valley in the dead of summer, I barely wore it. Worst part? I left the bag that had all my makeup at the festival grounds. My makeup was all gone. Had to build up my collection from scratch."

We're crying for you.

Running Lipstick Through the Wash

We've all ruined a load—or two—of laundry before, but when the culprit is a splurgy lipstick, that makes it so much worse. Read: devastating. That's what happened to user periodicstudier, but the final twist makes this mistake even more painful. "It ruined my lipstick, sheets, pillow cases, mattress cover, shirts, and underwear I had in the machine," she writes. "After this mishap I was way more careful with the replacement I bought, until my dog ate it. Twice this lipstick hasn't survived my life. Guess it's not meant to be."

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But now you have an excuse to buy another?

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