4 Hemp-Infused Beauty Products for Healthy Skin and Hair


For healthy hair and skin, add some cannabis to your beauty routine. We aren’t just blowing smoke: “Studies have shown that hemp helps restore skin’s barrier function and minimize moisture loss,” notes Francesca Fusco, MD, a dermatologist at Wexler Dermatology in New York City.

Mad Hippie Oil ($25; amazon.com)

Hemp seed extract plus anti-agers like raspberry seed extract and pomegranate oil shield skin from damaging free radicals and dryness.

Milk Makeup Roll + Blot ($10; sephora.com)

These sheets, formulated with hemp fibers to absorb excess oil, leave makeup intact after blotting.

milk-makeup-blotting-sheets.jpg milk-makeup-blotting-sheets.jpg )

Hemp’s essential fatty acids drench skin with moisture to soften chapped hands. Each purchase of this limited edition version supports a charity of your choice.

body-shop-hemp-lotion.jpg body-shop-hemp-lotion.jpg )

Rich in amino acids and protein, the formula leaves a protective coating on hair to make it stronger and shinier.

natures-gate-hemp-shampoo.jpg natures-gate-hemp-shampoo.jpg Photo: drugstore.com