9 Birchbox Beauty Products Health Editors Swear By


We have a few Birchbox-obsessed editors at Health. We love that for $10 a month, you get five personalized beauty samples from several categories, including skin care, makeup, fragrance, and hair care; it's a great way to try out new products without having to shell out for the full size up front (you can subscribe at birchbox.com). And while we don't end up purchasing full-size versions of every single product in every single box, we have definitely come across some clear winners along the way. Here are nine products our editors originally received in a Birchbox, and have purchased again and again.

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser ($33; birchbox.com)

"This is my favorite exfoliating cleanser EVER. I actually stopped using it for awhile because I ran out and was too lazy to re-purchase—but then I very quickly noticed a difference in my skin, and re-ordered. It also has an amazing, citrusy scent that reminds me of SoulCycle class."—Kathleen Mulpeter, Senior Editor

suki-exfoliate-cleanser.jpg suki-exfoliate-cleanser.jpg )

"This is one of the most exciting products I've ever received in my Birchbox. It's a French girl beauty must-have, and being a beauty lover myself, I had been wanting to get my hands on it. I use it on clean skin as a moisturizer before bed or in the AM as a primer before makeup. It really does help my makeup stay put all day, and it makes my skin feel hydrated and look dewy."–Lisa DeSantis, Beauty Assistant

embryolisse-creame.jpg embryolisse-creame.jpg )

"I definitely would never have bought this product if it hadn't been for Birchbox, mainly because of the name. The formula was developed for nursing mothers to use on their nipples (hence the name), but it's an incredible, super-moisturizing lip balm, too. The product is a little sticky/heavy, so not really ideal for all-day use, but I put a little on before bed or before going outside on cold, windy days to protect my lips."—Kathleen Mulpeter, Senior Editor

nipple-balm-for-lips.jpg nipple-balm-for-lips.jpg )

"I'm fair-skinned, so finding a bronzer that doesn't look too harsh is a real challenge. When I tried out this sample I finally met my match. This bronzer gives me the perfect fresh-off-the-beach glow without any glitter, and is great for contouring too. I recommended this to everyone I know!"—Dwyer Frame, Contributing Editor

benefit-bronzer.jpg benefit-bronzer.jpg )

"I assumed the mini sample would be some mediocre mascara that would end up in a pocket of my gym bag and forgotten about. After one use, I was hooked. It went on clump-free and dried just about instantly (no flakiness either!). As weird as it sounds, it felt "light" on my eyelashes, as opposed to some heavy, thick liquid formula like some other products. It's not exactly cheap, but I've been loyal to this mascara ever since that Birchbox!"—Jacqueline Andriakos, Associate Editor

w3ll-people-mascara.jpg w3ll-people-mascara.jpg )

"I had never heard of this brand (because it was new and a Birchbox exclusive) but after seeing the Birchbox girls rave about it on video and then trying it for myself, I was hooked. It actually is moisturizing on my hair instead of drying, like most salt sprays. I'm able to achieve soft waves that aren't crunchy."–Lisa DeSantis, Beauty Assistant

parlor-sea-salt-spray.jpg parlor-sea-salt-spray.jpg )

"I was a little weirded out the first time I tried this product, because it's not what you're expecting a peel will be: it's clear when you apply it, and when you rinse it off, dead skin cells literally peel away—gross but so satisfying! The result is noticeably smoother skin after just one use."—Kathleen Mulpeter, Senior Editor

real-chemistry-peel.jpg real-chemistry-peel.jpg )

"These exclusive sets from YouTube star Tati Westbrook have simplified my makeup routine. An easy shadow stick stays crease-free for 12 hours, and the matte lipstick looks amazing. I've become such a fan of these that I've bought all of the colors and I'm always sure to pack them when I travel because of their compact size."—Dwyer Frame, Contributing Editor

loc-collection.jpg loc-collection.jpg )

"I'm super loyal when it comes to fragrance—I've been wearing the same one since high school—but when I received a sample of Joie from Birchbox, I couldn't get enough. When the tiny tester was done, I went through an internal struggle of whether to purchase the full-sized bottle or not. Luckily I had saved up Birchbox points, which made the transaction a little bit less of a splurge. It's light and airy, with not too much citrus, but with some woodsier notes, too. It's perfect for the spring and summer months. I can't wait to spritz it again when the weather warms up!" –Lisa DeSantis, Beauty Assistant

folle-de-joie-parfum.jpg folle-de-joie-parfum.jpg Photo: birchbox.com