Drop Everything: Miranda Kerr Revealed Her Fix for Puffy Eyes


Sometimes it's easy to forget that supermodels are people just like us and, you know, deal with the same problems that we do. For one, puffy eyes after a night of partying.

Sigh… Haven't we all been there?

So we're always very excited when an agelic creature like Miranda Kerr shares some of her beauty wisdom with us. The supermodel revealed on Instagram how she keeps her skin looking #flawless after a late night/early morning. Yes, because sometimes it's both.

"Hydrating Face Mask and Recovery Eye Gel Cream. Keeping it in the fridge is one of my little secrets as it helps the product stay cool and makes it feel extra soothing when I apply it around my eyes. Especially after a long night! It really helps with the puffiness. "

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If you're going to follow Miranda's tip and stash your products in the fridge, just be sure to tell your roommate it's not for consumption and definitely does not belong on her sandwich.

This article originally appeared on InStyle.com/MIMI.