Athleta's #PowerofShe Campaign Is the Girl Squad Message We Need




Taylor Swift may be the poster child for the girl squad phenomenon, but lifting up the other women in your life isn’t reserved for A-list celebrities. Athleta provides empowering inspo with their new #PowerofShe campaign which features female athletes kicking ass as a united front instead of trying to tear one another down.

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The message is an important one. After all, one woman is a force to be reckoned with but an entire legion of us can truly achieve and conquer anything.

Dancers from the D(n)A Arts dance community in New York are featured in the video ranging in age from 13 to 31, proving it’s always the right time to support a fellow female. Other athletes are shown boxing, running surfing and swimming, all while providing camaraderie for one another.

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The goal of the campaign is so beautiful that it has already spawned a ton of social media activity in support of the hashtag, with women proudly showing off what sisterhood means to them. If we can raise the next generation of girls to be this caring and encouraging towards one another, then we all win. The #PowerofShe indeed.

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