Ashley Graham's Nail Polish Collab Has Finally Arrived


Supermodel, body positive icon, and generally awesome human being Ashley Graham shared some amazing news on her Instagram to jump start your weekend, and it involves nail polish. Ashley collaborated with Formula X to create three amazing nail polish shades, all of which debut today on Sephora's website and will be available in stores next week.

There are three shades—a pastel peach, a pinkish red, and a magenta.

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Ashley has created some truly beautiful shades made all the better by their fun and empowering names —36DDD, Sexy As Hell, and #beautybeyondsize. The nail polish line is part of Sephora's #ColorCurators, a series of 10 nail polish collaborations, which will be available in limited quantities for one month only. Retailing at $12.50, they are the perfect (and affordable) weekend pick me up. Make sure you check them out before they're gone!

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